Minimugs "The Animals "Small cup

Pretty expressions illustrated in a simple and cheerful style that will appeal to children and adults alike for coffee!


I am HEADY like a MALL, I am SHEEPY like a MONKEY, I am HUNGERED like a WOLF, I SLEEP like a MARMOT, I am SOFT like a LAMB, I have an ELEPHANT'S MEMORY.


I have eaten LION, I am talkative like a PIE, I laugh like a WHALE, I have a PIG character, I am strong like an OXFLOW, I am proud like a PEAK.

- Dimensions : Diam : 6 cm - ht : 7 cm - 12 cl
- Material : Porcelain
- Printing : Enamel fired at very high temperature - unalterable decoration
- Maintenance : Dishwasher ok - Microwave ok
- Sold with its individual gift box

Decorated in France.

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